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I have a new pattern to share with you. The Restoration Handbag was a design that I created while recovering from surgery and I was not able to sew. Normally, I would make a prototype, then write the instructions. This time, I had to create the template pieces based on the finished measurements of the bag that I wanted, and decide how I wanted to construct it, then, write very detailed instructions since I couldn't make one myself at the time. Michelle Graham and Geraldine Tan volunteered to pre-test these instructions and templates before the rest of the tester team, so that I could make the final adjustments to the style and construction. All three bags shown here were made by the incredible, Michelle Graham during testing, so that I was able to provide you with instructional step photos. She also filmed a sew along style video tutorial and goes over the steps for all three style exteriors. The lining instructions are the same for all. Please see all the features listed below.

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This pattern includes the following files:


  1. Meet the Designer
  2. Print Guide By Skill Level
  3. Template Placement Guide (Coloring Pages)

Master PDF Instructional & Templates file

Zipped folder for Printable:

  1. Beginner Skill Instructions
  2. Intermediate Skill Instructions
  3. Advanced Skill Instructions
  4. Templates for Home Printers
  5. AO for copy shop/projector file

Zipped folder for SVGs & Notes

Inspiration Presentation file

This is the best deal to get this pattern from me as you will receive so many other great ones with it! It will not be available for sale independently until April 11th on kmghandmade.com, so if you want in early, get it now!


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