Hardware Kits and Acrylic Templates Now Available!

Hardware Kits and Acrylic Templates Now Available!

Making it easy for you to get started on your projects with everything you need, I have partnered with Lauren Mormino from moremeknow.com to provide hardware kits for my patterns. She also carries some fabulous original artwork fabrics to make your KMGhandmade design extra special! Be sure to check out the link below to get your kits with gorgeous quality hardware that I use in my own bags. 


Do you love making the Restoration Mini Crossbody? This is the perfect size bag for your markets if you want a casual crossbody bag or classic small handbag to add to your inventory. Acrylic templates make cutting quickly and accurately a breeze and helps you fussy cut your graphic prints. These templates are now available from Christi Lee at the link below. More patterns will be coming soon as well! Tell us in the comments below which ones you would love to have!



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