New Pattern Arriving on Tuesday!

New Pattern Arriving on Tuesday!

It's time for a new release from KMGhandmade! Let me tell you the origins of this one...

Last fall, I had signed up to do the Designer's Challenge for the Creative Bag Making group on Facebook and designed the Squoval Convertible Bag. The Challenge was intended for beginning bagmakers to take part, not a lot of hardware, etc. After careful consideration, I determined that this was too advanced to submit for the Challenge and I ended up designing a non-gusseted option instead, called simply, the Squoval Bag, which was a simple crossbody. 

The Squoval Convertible Bag adds a lot of options. This has a gusset to increase the amount of items you can carry in your bag but also allows for a handle so you can carry it as a handbag if you wish. The addition of D-Rings and a Swivel Clip on the back, paired with an adjustable strap, split with an O-ring in the center allows you to clip it in many ways to wear the bag on your shoulder, as a crossbody, as a sling bag or a backpack. 

I designed the gusset with the zipper to open at the back of the bag, so it is close to your body when you are wearing it as a backpack for security and that your zipper pulls do not distract from the featured front zipper. This was my design intention. Several of my testers, either on accident or on purpose, reversed the gusset so that it opens at the front instead. I think it looks great either way so, the choice is yours! You will see some in the front and some in the back in the tester promotional photos next week. 

If you are an email subscriber, watch your mailbox tomorrow, Friday, July 21 for the PRESALE pricing discount offer. Only subscribers will receive the discount code to purchase this at a special price. PLEASE NOTE: you will not receive the link to download your copy until it releases to the public on Tuesday, July 25th. This just allows you to get it at a better price! Please do not email me asking where your pattern is, you will get it via email on Tuesday.

Now for the fun stuff! Here is the supply list you need to make this bag:

Supply List

Just a reminder, if you are using a domestic machine, this one will have a lot of layers (especially if binding is your choice for finishing) and you will want to stick to lighter weight fabric choices or you may struggle over connectors, etc. 



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Beautiful bags
Looking forward to making..
Watched More me know tutorial
Definitely my favorite bag .

maureen s geoghegan

Beautiful handbags

maureen s geoghegan

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