Welcome to KMGhandmade.com!

Welcome to KMGhandmade.com!

I'm excited to welcome you to a one-stop-shop for everything that I design and make in my home studio. Having my own site helps customers find my designs more quickly. It promotes brand recognition, and allows me to fully control everything about my shop. 

If you are a bag maker, you will find all my patterns here, including the free patterns previously only available on my Facebook group, KMGhandmade Bagmakers & Show Off Group. Moving them here will guarantee that if updates are made to the patterns, I can automatically send them to your account. 

Please take a minute to subscribe to the newsletter. Don't worry, I won't be peppering your mailbox with daily emails. I will only be sending them when new patterns are being released or there is an update to an existing one. In case you didn't know, this is just a side-gig for me. I work a FT job in IT and have a very active family at home. When I'm not doing stuff with them, I am working on writing new patterns, making prototypes, doing pattern tests for my other designer friends, and occasionally having a selfish sew session. That said, I'm as busy as I want to be and don't really have time to send a gazillion marketing emails. ;)

 To kick off the grand opening, I am offering a 20% sale on all PDF patterns and free domestic shipping on all handmade goods, $35.00 and up until the end of February. 

Thank you for supporting my small business! 

Kristin Marshall Graves


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