Are you a planner or do you wish you were? I have a new product just for you!

Are you a planner or do you wish you were? I have a new product just for you!

Let me share a little secret about me. I get a thrill from making lists and checking off boxes when I complete the tasks on them. I mean, who wouldn't, right? To get that sense of accomplishment from such a little thing? It's amazing. Even better when the tasks that you are completing add up to one really important goal you have for yourself. 

Do you feel like sometimes you take on too many projects or say YES to things that you really don't have time for because 1 - you hate to be the one to say NO and 2 - because you think, "that's so far away, I can make the time for it".  Then what happens? You feel horrible and stressed because you don't really have the time or a million other little things came up that you also thought you could do. 

I know a few people like this and I am 100% guilty of it too. This is why I like planners. I can see exactly what I am committing to and when it needs to be done by. None of the planners I have found in stores were exactly what I was looking for so I decided to make my own, and make it available to you! 

It's a simple 6 month planner with one key theme - choose your Top 3 goals for the next 6 months. Could be financial goals, productivity goals or personal development to give you a start. Make them achievable! Then, tailor your weekly priorities and short term goals with tasks that will help you get there! 

Each week, there are daily to do slots to fill in and check off as you complete them to help keep you on track. And a full page to keep your notes of what is working and what isn't! 

After the first week, evaluate your plan. Did you bite off more than you could chew? Maybe scale back the number of tasks you complete in the day or reschedule some projects that will help keep your workload manageable. 

Give yourself some grace if you don't complete everything, and when you come to the end of the book, reflect on the question, "did I achieve my goals?" 

This is an undated book so you can start it anytime of the year. To get your copy, it is available on Amazon with direct shipping! Check it out here -

My Weekly Planner - Jot It Down, Check It Off 


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